canape-convertible-lowe-campeggi-vestibule-paris4 canape-convertible-lowe-campeggi-vestibule-paris3

Designer: Atelier Campeggi
Year: 2015
Country of origin: Italy
Brand: Campeggi

The sofa bed LOWE Campeggi, with its linear and structured design enhances the basic shape of this contemporary comfortable sofa. It has an innovative shape that maximizes space through the use of a high performance mattress with generous proportions and large comfortable arms built into the structure

LOWE is always ready to be used, fast and light to open, without the need to remove the seat cushions or backrests. The LOWE Sofa Bed is fully removable

bed 115  Canapé L 150xP96xH83
bed 140 Canapé L 175xP96xH83
bed 160 Canapé L 195xP96xH83
bed 180 Canapé L 215xP96xH83